Day 5 – Prague

Today, we were headed to the Mucha Museum, and had a quick stop at a street market and a toy store 🤷🏼‍♂️. The Mucha was a big hit. Craig and I bought art for the dining room! Katharine purchased a purse at the street market and we watched the weaver weave the cloth used to make it.

Our next stop was the Museum of Communism. Lots and lots of reading but very educational. Then, we visited the Cyril and Methodius Church were the Czech resistance members who assassinated the butcher of Prague during WW2 hid out. I believe it was called Project Anthropoid.

Next up! The dancing house and Wenceslas square. Below are some shots from our walk.

We are currently resting before our Alchemist Room (escape room) reservation. Medieval Mind Maze meets the Foxes!