Day 4 – Prague

On the advice of my honest prague guide Janek (YouTube) we arose at 5 am so we could dress, eat, and be out the door by 6:15. Last night, there were 15 million people around every corner. Five of them were up with us 😁. It was incredible. The kids kept thanking us for getting them up. The city looks vastly different when quiet and empty. We walked across the bridge and up to the castle via an interesting water fountain at the Kafka Museum. Google it – lily found it disturbing. That just means naked people.

We were at the castle and Craig had a ton of pictures before the masses descended. Our favorite part was at the beginning- St Vitus Cathedral. The Mucha Window, King Wenceslas tomb, Cyril and Methodius everywhere! The church was my favorite so far.

We finished up at the castle and walked to the Strohov Monastery to see one of the oldest libraries. You can only peek in (so google images) but we saw several cases in the hallway with illuminated manuscripts from as early as 865. There is a locked forbidden books cabinet in one of the wings that holds books from Copernicus, Jan Huss, And for some reason a French Encyclopedia?

After the eating at the monastery (and brewery) we walked to the Lennon Wall and talked about Communism and its effects. Next to the wall was a garden with giant baby statues with bar codes for faces. Part of our day was looking at Art Nouveau buildings as we passed them, so I concluded with modern Czech art and looped in the David Cerny statues in Prague.

After a fabulous dessert stop at Cafe Savoy we took a tram back home… because we are TIRED. Lily only had one audio guide today so she was done as well 😜

After a rest we are heading out for our first try of Pilsner Urquell. It’s their national beer and we’ve tried everything but that!