Understanding the Fox Method

There are a lot of recipes on this site that I posted for friends who asked me for them. I have turned off comments because (a) they can email me and (b) I don’t want comments. Hopefully, if you have questions, this will answer them.

  1. Mr. Fox does not eat onions or bite into tomatoes.  You can edit our recipes if you do.
  2. Big Fox does not eat cheese, or white things, or creamy things. Therefore, you won’t see a lot of that in our recipes (unless it can be lifted out, or it sounded so good I told her to grab a sandwich for dinner).
  3. Little Fox is a bar food eater. Please forgive our unhealthiness at times.
  4. Foxey eats anything.  ANYTHING. Don’t judge me for the three up there.
  5. I will try and always tell you what tools I used, just in case it matters.
  6. We do not buy a lot of meat at the grocery store. Ours is delivered every 8-9 months from Blue Ribbon Foods. I cannot tell you what my meat weighs because it isn’t written on the package and I never weigh it.  I will try to be better about it. Just know, from what I’ve seen, my chicken breasts are normal sized and not those gargantuan ones I see at the grocery stores that look like they came from Foghorn Leghorn.
  7. My favorite tool is the Instant Pot. I have those recipes HERE. The model I have is the image on the top. I think its 6 qts? Only buy it on sale. Amazon puts it on sale at least 3 times a year.